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Selected Reviews

“The entire program is both entertaining and uniformly fascinating…. An excellent job all around from Knox and the label…”
–  All Music Guide (Handel Domestic Opera – CD)

“…colorful, kinetic performances…”
– All Music Guide (Handel Domestic Opera – CD)

“ … Hank Knox reveals virtuosity, imagination and a keen sense of rhythm.”
– Musica Sett (Italy)

“Harpsichordist Hank Knox turns in very individualized performances of well-chosen works by Frescobaldi … Knox is as refreshing in the last piece as he is in the first.”
– Turok’s Choice (Frescobaldi – CD)

“Knox handled convincingly the rich ornaments with elegance and finesse …”
– (Spain)

“Knox’s performance abounds with vitality…”
– Early Music (UK) (D’Anglebert – CD)