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“Scarlatti: Essercizi Per Gravicembalo” now available!

I am very pleased to announce that Scarlatti: Essercizi Per Gravicembalo, released through Halifax-based record label Leaf Music, is now available for streaming or purchase!

I spent the past 10 months completely immersed in Domenico Scarlatti’s only authorized publication, a collection of thirty sonatas first published in 1739 in London, England.  This recording offers the listener a deep dive into Scarlatti’s richly inventive and imaginative musical world.

Essercizi Per Gravicembalo, meaning “Exercises for Harpsichord,” is a virtuosic collection that has been in uninterrupted print since its publication 275 years ago. The collection was dedicated to King John V of Portugal, father of Scarlatti’s longtime pupil and patron, Queen Maria Barbara of Spain.

Essercizi Per Gravicembalo was recorded April 2021 at Église St. Augustin, Mirabel, QC. Enjoy!

Scarlatti: Essercizi Per Gravicembalo Trailer

Purchase/Stream “Scarlatti: Essercizi Per Gravicembalo” HERE