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This is My Music

I am happy to announce that CBC is rebroadcasting my edition of This Is My Music tomorrow, Saturday, September 3, 2022, 10 am – noon on CBC Music/Radio 2 and streaming live at It’s also available as an audio stream starting this morning at A little Bach, a little Monteverdi, at little Stravinsky, a little Zappa… what’s not to like?

2 thoughts on “This is My Music”

  1. Hi Hank,
    I really enjoyed your This Is My Music program this morning, especially when you played Frescobaldi.

    I was introduced to recorder in Grade 4, and our very musical (and well-connected) teacher picked a few of us to form an early music group. She lined up concerts and events for us all over Toronto, and once, when we were whittled down to a trio, she took us to Wilfrid Laurier University to perform for the music education department (is that a thing?). She told us later that some professors heard these three 13-year-olds at lunch discussing “when we play the Frescobaldi” and were blown away by kids who knew who Frescobaldi was. (Fun, eh??) I tweeted a photo of my old music (@jeanmillswriter) and would have tagged you, but couldn’t find you on Twitter. (I did tag Tom, though. He knows me.)

    I was not familiar with you and your music before now, but I will certainly pay more attention. Great show, and yay for Frescobaldi (and Zappa, just saying…)

    1. Dear Jean,
      It pleases me no end to hear of 13-year olds playing and discussing Frescobaldi! How fortunate to discover that music so young.

      I have so far resisted Twitter’s call… One day you’ll find me there.
      Thanks for your note! All best,

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