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New CD on the way!

Infusion Baroque is about to launch their newest CD, East is East, on the Leaf Music label on March 15. This fascinating multicultural collaboration brings together music with ancient roots in Persia, India, and Europe. It features Infusion Baroque members Alexa Raine-Wright (Baroque flute and recorder), Sallynee Amawat (Baroque violin), and Andrea Stewart (Baroque ‘cello) with guest artists Amir Amiri (santur), Vidita Kanniks (vocals), Thibault Bertin-Maghit (double bass), Hamin Honari (tombak & daf), Shawn Mativetsky (tabla) and myself (harpsichord).


La Bergamasca – M. Uccellini (1610-1680) & G.B. Vitali (1632-1692); arr. Infusion Baroque
Saghi Nameh – based on Persian Radiff system/arr. A. Amiri
​La Folia – Varia / arr. Infusion Baroque
Deepa Jyoti/Sandhya Raga – R. Shankar (1920-2012)/arr. V. Kanniks
Cortège – A. Amiri
Raghseh Choobi – A. Amiri
Sinfonia in C “Turcaria” – J.J. Fux (1660-1741)
Aghrab – traditional Persian/arr. A. Amiri
Suite in Raga Gurjari Todi – H. Mangeshkar/traditional Hindoustani/arr. by V. Kanniks