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This Is My Music

CBC will be rebroadcasting my episode of This Is My Music on Saturday, February 27, from 10AM to 12 noon. It’s the soundtrack of my life: everything from Monteverdi and Frescobaldi to Bach, Stravinsky, and yes, Frank Zappa. You can stream it live from on Saturday morning.

2 thoughts on “This Is My Music”

  1. Hello,
    I listened to the re-broadcast of This is My Music on CBC Radio 2.
    Enjoyed your eclectic mix of music!

    As a young adult, we drove from my hometown Vancouver BC, to California, spending a few days in LA. When there, we were joined by a couple of other friends, and on their suggestion, ended up driving past musicians’ homes. Not to be intrusive, just in polite Canadian style.

    We drove past Zappa’s home in the Hollywood Hills, slowing down to catch a glimpse. In the garage a single car was parked, with the licence plate Yo Mama 2.

    We also drove past Bob Dylan’s very private compound, and Captain Beefheart’s mobile home in an inland desert setting.

    Anyway, wondering if you ever contacted Frank Zappa and told him of your appreciation of his music. He would have been interested, surely, having contact with a fellow musician.

    By the way, it seems Lady Gaga bought his home a few years ago. I don’t go for celebrity news, but it came up in a search. I have trained in music (as have other family members). Thus my interest in Zappa’s music.

    Also by the way, some musicians in Vancouver have a group called Zappostrophe, playing Zappa’s tunes. I saw them in a jazz bar I frequent in (when there isn’t a pandemic).

    I hope you don’t mind my rambling on here. Brought back memories, the CBC show. Thanks, DO

    1. Thank you for your comments! I saw Zappa in concert several times, and every show was amazing, full of energy and fire.

      There is a documentary that just came out called Zappa!, directed by Alex Winter. It makes extensive use of the material Zappa had in the vault underneath the house where Lady Gaga lives now. Winter organized a Kickstarter campaign to raise money to digitally preserve the visual material in the vault to which I contributed. There was lots of movie film and video of various sorts. The doc makes use of a lot of that material and I have to say, having seen it three times already, it’s a very moving look at a complex and his musical drive. Recommended!

      Thanks again for stopping by to leave this comment! Best, Hank

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